Upcoming Activities

January 2020 – Yiddish Folksong Project

Publication of Yiddish Folksong Project Anthology (Volume I) Ipsilon Music Press

Spring 2020 – Yiddish Folksong Project

National Library of Lithuania (Vilnius)
University College London
All Saints’ Church, Leamington Spa
University of Salford

Autumn 2020 – U.S. Tour

U.S. Tour, Yiddish Folksong Project

Previous Activities

Summer 2018

Completion of new recording:
Yiddish Folksong Project, Volume I
Henry Wood Hall, London

25 April 2018

Coventry University
Lecture-Demonstration, Yiddish Folksong Project

5 December 2017

University of Warsaw, Kolegium Artes Liberales
Performance, The Yiddish Folksong Project

29 November 2017

University of Wolverhampton
Lecture-Demonstration and Performance, Yiddish Folksong Project

22-23 July 2017

Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) Annual Conference
Yiddish Folksong Project, performance and lecture

June 2017

New York Electroacoustic Music Festival
Performance, Tom Williams: ‘Meditations on a Landscape’

24 April 2017

York University
Performance-Lecture: Tom Williams: ‘Meditations on a Landscape’

16 March 2017

Leeds College of Music — Belgrave Music Hall
Festival ‘Sounds Like This’
Performance, Tom Williams: ‘Meditations on a Landscape’

19 October 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia
Pallfy Palace
Performance, Yiddish Folksong Project

20 October 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislave International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA)
Performance, Yiddish Folksong Project

15 July 2016

Bath Spa University
Performance Studies Network Conference
Yiddish Folksong Project Presentation

20 July 2016

Yiddish Summer Weimar (Germny)
Project Presentation, ‘Yiddish: Historically-Informed Performance’

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